Apri Health Attacks Over-Utilization in Healthcare with Discovery Analytics

Apri Health, Inc., formerly Transfuse Solutions, Inc., is eliminating over-utilization and clinical variation in healthcare with its deep data analytics and actionable intelligence platforms.

Transfuse Solutions, the Nation’s premier blood utilization consulting firm, was founded in 2013 by Doctors Mark Ereth, MD, MA and Jamison Feramisco, MD, PhD with the support of the Rochester Area Economic Development Inc., Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator and Minnesota BioBusiness Center.

With a mission to drive value in delivery of health care, the company was initially focused on combating the culture of over-transfusion present in many of the nation’s hospitals.

“Nearly half of all blood transfusions in this country are either unnecessary or inappropriate,” says Dr. Ereth. “Eliminating unnecessary blood transfusions, which are increasingly associated with cardio-pulmonary and renal complications has been the target of our educational and analytic tools.”

The company’s analytic and data-centric approach along with the suite of clinical education and change management solutions has yielded dividends. Not only have their hospital clients been pleased with the reduction in costs and improved clinical outcomes, they have reached out for help in achieving value in other clinical areas beyond blood transfusion.

In response to this demand, Drs. Ereth and Feramisco have expanded their clinical and analytics offerings to other areas of over-utilization in healthcare to help hospitals track the true value in care delivery. As such, they’ve transformed the company from the blood-centric Transfuse Solutions to the global data analytics platform, Apri Health. The name Apri is derived from a priori, a Latin term for ‘intuitive’ and reflects how Apri’s analytics software is easily understood and deployed by its customers.

“Limited resources and increasing demands within healthcare are necessitating this Value-Based approach” says Dr. Feramisco. “Our typical clients include integrated delivery networks, hospitals, payers, accountable care organizations, and large multi-specialty groups who need expertise and tools to build their Value-Based programs.

Apri Health’s differentiated core competency lies in its ability to apply predictive models and run discovery analytics in clinical practice – Precision Medicine. In addition to identifying individual patient outcomes with very high degrees of sensitivity and specificity, they are able to discover unanticipated trends and relationships in population health.

“The right treatment for the right patient at the right time in the most cost effective way. Apri Health is eager to enable this bright future of Precision Medicine.”

For more information, please visit www.aprihealth.com & www.transfusesolutions.com
Contact: Dr. Mark Ereth or Dr. Jamison Feramisco at info@aprihealth.com