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Detailed Assessment (Laboratory, Blood Bank, Patient Care Areas)

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Program Implementation & Data Analytics


PBM 2.0™  (Comprehensive Patient Blood Management)


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Blood Management


Comprehensive Patient
Blood Management


Transfuse Solutions
PBM 2.0™

Percentage reflects the ability to achieve maximum patient care and financial benefit in a blood management program.

Detailed Comparison

Actionable Healthcare AnalyticsTM

There is incredible potential to use patient data to guide the treatment of future patients. Without the proper tools in place, however, the electronic medical record is little more than an endless electronic filing cabinet.

Transfuse Solutions prides itself upon working with hospitals and hospital systems to extract electronic medical record data (from any and all EMR vendors) and to transform it into actionable intelligence. Our proven areas of expertise include:

  • Electronic Medical Record Data Extraction Protocols
  • Deep Data Analytics
  • Secure Data Transfer and Storage
  • HIPAA-Compliance
  • Data Architecture
  • Mobile Application Design and Development
  • Feature Engineering
  • Creating the Clinical Thread™

Transfuse Solutions is proud to offer our best in class data and IT software package: BloodHound. As part of our Actionable Blood AnalyticsTM we provide a full-service solution that aids healthcare organizations in the extraction, organization, reporting, and translation into clinical practice of electronic medical record and blood transfusion data.

Driven by our constant desire to improve patient care, we help hospitals make the most their data so they can provide the most to their patients.

Data Security

HIPAA Compliant

SOC 2 Compliant

HITECH Certified

Transfuse Solutions uses TLS and HTTPS for all communication with our servers in compliance with NIST 800-52. All data is encrypted during transit and rest.

We use industry best practices NIST-recommended ciphers for the encryption for compliance. In addition to strict technical controls we also implement the following HIPAA safeguards and requirements:

  • Execute Non-Disclosure and Business Associate Agreements
  • Administrative Controls: workforce security, contingency plan, information access management
  • Physical Safeguards: workstation security, device and media controls
  • Dedicated and secure data centers
  • Technical Safeguards: access controls, audit controls, integrity, transmission security
  • Organizational Requirements: business associate contracts
  • Policy and Procedure Documentation: documentation, policy management
  • Security Provisions: case of breach notification, timelines, content of notification

Trusted By Hospitals Around The World

Patient Records Evaluated
Data Points Analyzed
Transfusion Events Reviewed

Anemia Clinics

Patient Blood Management is for all patients, not only those undergoing surgery.

With our experienced team we have the ability to improve transfusion practices in a variety of clinical services from prenatal care to cancer treatment with our unique and comprehensive approach:

  • Establish hospital-based anemia clinic
  • Mobile application
  • Medical evaluation of anemia
  • Manage anemia in young woman preparing for pregnancy and older woman postmenopausal
  • Treat patients with chronic disease
  • Remote consultations available

Our anemia management consultative service helps clinicians optimize their patient’s anemia while preventing unnecessary transfusion. Our Bloodhound IT solution may also be implemented in clinics to monitor transfusion metrics and data-driven transfusion decisions.

Who We Serve


As a patient it is your right and responsibility to demand the highest quality of care, including appropriate transfusion therapy by healthcare providers well-trained in transfusion therapeutic decision making to minimize your risk. We advocate for patient-centered care with our patient blood management services.


Our Patient Blood Management 2.0™ program reduces transfusion related complications, regulatory exposure, and risk of malpractice, while improving patient outcomes and eliminating unnecessary expenditures. We offer customizable levels of engagement with the hospital, including a short preparatory program and a comprehensive three to five year integrated partnership that can save the average 250 bed hospital over $1 million.


We commend providers championing PBM at their institutions but we know from experience that getting colleagues and administrators to buy-in is sometimes easier said than done. Transfuse Solutions works with providers from wide range of specialities to improve patient care by offering a comprehensive approach to patient blood management.


Minimizing costs (while maintaining or improving care) is in the best interest of every healthcare payor.

Transfuse Solutions has a proven track record of reducing transfusion costs and is available to partner with payers seeking to implement PBM.

Blood Centers

Blood Centers are at the center of patient safety in transfusion. Proactive blood centers are involved in and promote effective and comprehensive patient blood management initiatives. Transfuse Solutions partners with blood centers to provide value and optimized blood utilization for your hospitals by reducing transfusions and complications.

Anemia Clinics

Our anemia management consultative service helps clinicians optimize their patient’s anemia while preventing unnecessary transfusion.

Success Stories

The Transfuse Solutions PBM 2.0™ program has proven success across numerous hospitals. Our program is customizable to any facility including hospital systems, academic medical centers, community hospitals, and county facilities.

Success in an Academic Medical Center

We have a proven track record in patient blood management. Our previous work at a tier one academic medical center showed consistent reductions in perioperative blood transfusions in cardiac surgery of over 40% over 4 years.

The reduction in blood product usage resulted in total direct savings of more than $30 million.

Most importantly, we set up a sustainability program that has since demonstrated continued savings. In this process, our team has also developed and deployed the world’s first iPhone and iPad applications for patient blood management.

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Success in a Level One Trauma Center

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